Ajloun is the capital town of the Ajloun Governorate (although it is not the largest city in the governorate). A hilly town in the north of Jordan, located 76 kilometers (around 47 miles) north west of Amman. It is noted for its impressive ruins the 12th century castle which known nowadays as Ajlun Castle. The Ajlun Governorate has a population of over 142000 widespread in twenty seven villages and towns and area about 420 km2.
The population of Ajlun Governorate is mainly composed of the following tribes: Al-Zghoul , Al-Qudah, Al-Momani , Al-smadi , Al-Freihat , Al-Khatatbah , and others. Haddad and Rabadi are the main Christian tribes in Ajloun. Ajloun Governorate has four seats in the national parliament one of which is dedicated for the Christian minority.
Ajlun Castle is located on the site of an old monastery. It was built in 1184 by Izz al-Din Usama, a general in the army of Saladin. The castle controlled traffic along the road connecting Damascus and Egypt. The fortress marks the furthest limit of Frankish incursions during the Crusades. The Mamluks added a prominent tower to the castle. It was captured by the Mongols in 1260 and was partially destroyed in the process.
Located in the center of Ajloun is the Great Ajlun Mosque. This mosque is one of the oldest extent in Jordan and dates back around 800 years. In 2007 work began on improving the mosque to allow tourists to visit it. Tell Mar Elias is located just outside the city limits. This site contains Byzantine mosaics which are uncovered during the summer months for tourists. Ajloun National Private University is the only university in Ajloun Governorate.

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